Reverse Geocode Requests

This endpoint converts a GPS coordinate into an address-like representation.
This geocoding service is designed to provide a GPS coordinate accurate within 3 decimal places of precision (or roughly 100 meters). This may still be overly-specific for the purposes of weather forecasting, but tends to provide better results when reverse geocoding a GPS coordinate back into an address-like representation.
For more details on the capabilities and constraints of this geocoding service, see the discussion at the Forward Geocode resource.

Query Parameters


A GPS coordinate in lat,lng format.


50 points per request

Sample Query



This request returns a Geocode response object.
The JSON response returned from this endpoint will contain geolocation information relevant to the provided query. Administrative area descriptions will be provided, where possible.
Where a query might refer to multiple different locations, a single "best guess" will be returned as the result.

Sample output

  "gps": "39.526,-119.813",
  "latitude": 39.5261206,
  "longitude": -119.8126581,
  "postalCode": null,
  "city": "Reno",
  "county": "Washoe County",
  "state": "Nevada",
  "country": "United States",
  "osmId": 170120,
  "longName": "Reno, Nevada, United States",
  "shortName": "Reno, NV, US"