Forecast Matrix Requests

This endpoint returns what can be thought of as a two-dimensial matrix of weather forecasts for multiple GPS coordinates:
  • The first dimension is a range of GPS coordinates.
  • The second dimension is a set of forecast snapshots corresponding to that location, where the forecast may be for a specific hour or day.
The weather forecasts inside this matrix are identical to the individual responses from the Single Forecast resource, but nested inside a top-level array corresponding to the GPS coordinates provided.
A weather matrix provides a full set of forecasts that can be utilized for different purposes. Some examples include:
  • Displaying relevant forecasts along a route.
  • Adapting forecasts along that route, such as planning for stops of certain time lengths.
  • Scanning for particular weather conditions of interest (or the "worst conditions") along a route.
  • Conditionally displaying severe weather alerts, depending on the time and location of the alerts.
  • Simply retrieving a batch of results for multiple disjoint locations with no interrelation, much like basic weather apps will provide forecasts at multiple chosen cities.
  • Or, a unique purpose that you may have in mind!
If the intent of your weather matrix is to be used in conjunction with routing along a trajectory, be sure to provide the trajectory points in order of travel! This makes it easy to progressively "step" through the matrix results along the trajectory.

Query Parameters


A comma-separated latitude,longitude GPS coordinate string.
(required; multiple allowed)


Desired mode of transit. Choice of transit will affect the scoring of the weather matrix.
Available transit modes:
  • car - Default routing and weather responses
  • truck - Routing avoids small roads; weather results are sensitive to high winds
  • motorcycle - No impact on routing; weather results are sensitive to precipitation
  • bicycle - No impact on routing; weather results are sensitive to precipitation
(optional; default=car)


The preferred units of the response.
Available units:
  • imperial - Imperial units (Fahrenheit and/or miles)
  • metric - Metric units (Celsius and/or kilometers)
(optional; default=imperial)


15 points x the number of locations requested

Sample Query



This request returns a ForecastMatrix response object.
This endpoint returns an array of forecast results. The individual objects within the array are identical to the Single Forecast response, but nested inside the top-level array.
Forecast responses in the array are returned in the same order in which their respective GPS coordinates are provided as query parameters.

Sample output

    "latitude": 39.526,
    "longitude": -119.813,
    "hourly": [{ ... }],
    "daily": [{ ... }],
    "alerts": [{ ... }]
    "latitude": 39.526,
    "longitude": -120.513,
    "hourly": [{ ... }],
    "daily": [{ ... }],
    "alerts": [{ ... }]