Single Forecast Requests

This endpoint returns a weather forecast for a single GPS coordinate. The returned forecast contains a set of hourly forecasts, a set of daily summary forecasts, and a set of severe weather alerts (available in North America and Europe).
The exact range of forecast data returned is indeterminate; however, 5-7 days of data is typical for most requests.
Data units are imperial (US) by default, but can be configured as metric (SI) units. Individual response parameters will indicate the units used by either of these configurations.

Query Parameters


A comma-separated latitude,longitude GPS coordinate string.


Desired mode of transit. Choice of transit will affect the scoring of the individual weather forecasts.
Available transit modes:
  • car - Default routing and weather responses
  • truck - Routing avoids small roads; weather results are sensitive to high winds
  • motorcycle - No impact on routing; weather results are sensitive to precipitation
  • bicycle - No impact on routing; weather results are sensitive to precipitation
(optional; default=car)


The preferred units of the response.
Available units:
  • imperial - Imperial units (Fahrenheit and/or miles)
  • metric - Metric units (Celsius and/or kilometers)
(optional; default=imperial)


15 points per request

Sample Query



This request returns a SingleForecast response object.

Sample output

  "latitude": 39.526,
  "longitude": -119.813,
  "hourly": [
      "time": 1632682800,
      "summary": "Clear",
      "icon": "clear-day",
      "temperature": 81.6,
      "apparentTemperature": 81.6,
      "precipType": "none",
      "precipProbability": 0,
      "precipIntensity": 0,
      "precipAccumulation": 0,
      "dewPoint": 29.73,
      "humidity": 0.15,
      "pressure": 1013.1,
      "windSpeed": 5.48,
      "windGust": 10.99,
      "windBearing": 198,
      "skyCover": 0.11,
      "visibility": 10,
      "score": 0
  "daily": [
      "time": 1632639600,
      "summary": "Clear throughout the day.",
      "icon": "clear-day",
      "temperatureMax": 83.98,
      "temperatureMaxTime": 1632687120,
      "temperatureMin": 57.3,
      "temperatureMinTime": 1632664980,
      "apparentTemperatureMax": 83.48,
      "apparentTemperatureMaxTime": 1632687120,
      "apparentTemperatureMin": 57.79,
      "apparentTemperatureMinTime": 1632664980,
      "precipType": "none",
      "precipProbability": 0,
      "precipIntensity": 0,
      "precipIntensityMax": 0,
      "dewPoint": 28.94,
      "humidity": 0.25,
      "pressure": 1013.8,
      "windSpeed": 5.89,
      "windGust": 23.12,
      "windGustTime": 1632697320,
      "windBearing": 243,
      "skyCover": 0.15,
      "visibility": 10,
  "alerts": [
      "latitude": 39.526,
      "longitude": -119.813,
      "title": "Red Flag Warning",
      "areaDesc": [
        "Northern Sierra Front - Carson City/Douglas/Storey/Southern Washoe/Eastern Lyon/Far Southern Lassen Counties",
        "Southern Sierra Front - Alpine/Northern Mono/Southern Lyon/Western Mineral Counties"
      "severity": "warning",
      "timeStart": 1632765600,
      "timeExpires": 1632830400,
      "description": "...RED FLAG WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 11 AM MONDAY TO 5 AM PDT TUESDAY FOR GUSTY WINDS AND LOW HUMIDITY FOR THE SIERRA FRONT... The National Weather Service in Reno has issued a Red Flag Warning for gusty winds and low humidity, which is in effect from 11 AM Monday to 5 AM PDT Tuesday. The Fire Weather Watch is no longer in effect. * Changes...Upgraded the Fire Weather Watch. Extended timing. * Affected Area...Fire Zone 420 Northern Sierra Front including Carson City, Douglas, Storey, Southern Washoe, Western Lyon, and Far Southern Lassen Counties, Fire Zone 421 Southern Sierra Front including Alpine, Northern Mono, Southern Lyon and and Western Mineral Counties. * Winds...Southwest to West 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. Wind prone areas could see gusts up to 50 mph Monday night. * Humidity...10-15% along and east of US-395. 15-20% west of US- 395. RH will increase Monday night to near 40%. * Duration...3 to 7 hours of critical conditions Monday afternoon. Gusty winds will last for over 18 hours. * Impacts...The combination of gusty winds and low humidity can cause fire to rapidly grow in size and intensity before first responders can contain them.",
      "uri": ""