HourlyForecast Data Response

This object contain an hourly forecast at a specific point in time, representative of weather conditions at the top of the hour. Output is available in either imperial or metric units.
All response parameters should be treated as optionally available.


time integer
The UNIX timestamp for the hourly forecast. (GMT timezone)
summary string
A human-readable summary of the weather in this hourly forecast.
icon string
An icon identifier representative of the weather summary.
score integer
A value indicating the severity of the weather conditions. A higher score indicates worse weather.
temperature float
The air temperature. (Units: Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius)
apparentTemperature float
The apparent air temperature ("feels like"). (Units: Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.)
precipType string
The type of precipitation occurring. Values will be none, rain, snow, or sleet (referring to a wintery mix).
precipProbability float
The probability of precipitation occurring, from 0 to 1.
precipIntensity float
The intensity of precipitation expected. (Units: Inches/hour or millimeters/hour)
precipAccumulation float
The amount of snowfall accumulation expected. (Units: Inches or millimeters)
dewPoint float
The estimated dew point temperature. (Units: Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius)
humidity float
The relative humidity, from 0 to 1.
pressure float
The sea-level air pressure. (Units: Always reported in millibars)
windSpeed float
The expected wind speed. (Units: Miles/hour or kilometers/hour)
windGust float
The maximum expected wind gust speed. (Units: Miles/hour or kilometers/hour)
windBearing integer
The direction from which the wind is blowing. (Units: Degrees clockwise from true north)
skyCover float
The percentage of sky occluded by clouds, from 0 to 1.
visibility float
The expected average visibility. (Units: Miles or kilometers)

Sample output

  "time": 1632682800,
  "summary": "Clear",
  "icon": "clear-day",
  "temperature": 81.6,
  "apparentTemperature": 81.6,
  "precipType": "none",
  "precipProbability": 0,
  "precipIntensity": 0,
  "precipAccumulation": 0,
  "dewPoint": 29.73,
  "humidity": 0.15,
  "pressure": 1013.1,
  "windSpeed": 5.48,
  "windGust": 10.99,
  "windBearing": 198,
  "skyCover": 0.11,
  "visibility": 10,
  "score": 0