The Weather Route API follows dead-simple pricing. Resource usage is tracked on-demand and charged based upon that usage. Every request is charged a number of points that correspond to the number of USD cents per thousand requests.
Request TypeCost in Points$ Cost / Thousand Requests
Forecasts15 per location$0.15 / thousand
Geocoding50 per location$0.50 / thousand
Routing200 per route$2.00 / thousand
Pricing may be subject to change. Changes will be limited to no more than once per quarter and any changes impacting existing customers will be communicated in advance.
To prevent unexpected cost overruns, you can set a self-limited quota on monthly requests. When your requests reach your self-imposed quota, they will start being rejected until your next monthly cycle or you raise your quota.

Pricing Usage Example

Take a simple example:
  • You make a direction request, which returns 10 locations.
  • For each of those 10 locations, you make a geocode request for descriptive information.
  • You also make a forecast matrix request for the entire batch of locations.
Your total cost will be:
  • 1 direction request = 200 points
  • 10 geocode requests = 500 points
  • 1 forecast request with 10 locations = 150 points
  • Total cost = 200 + 500 + 150 = 850 points (or $0.0085 for this set of requests)