Weather Forecast and Radar for Beaver Stadium

Current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Beaver Stadium.
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Temperature Forecast for Beaver Stadium

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Temperature Forecast for Beaver Stadium

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Live Weather Camera for Beaver Stadium

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Weather Radar for Beaver Stadium

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Routes Running Nearby to Beaver Stadium

  • The I-80 runs east-west about 10 miles north of Beaver Stadium.

  • The I-99 runs east-west through University Park, PA, just north of Beaver Stadium.

Weather at Beaver Stadium

The weather at Beaver Stadium is by far one of the coldest in the United States and it has great contrasts that separate it from many stadiums in the country. The state of Pennsylvania has a climate that generally ranges from 26° to 68° F. In the winter, the stadium grass frequently becomes covered by snow in oscillations between 14° to 32° F.

In summer, there can be a notable change in months like May, July, and August, with climates that vary between 68° to 86° F.

Where is Beaver Stadium Located?

Beaver Stadium is located at 1 Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA 16802 (its GPS location is 40.81220, -77.85606). It is one of the most prominent fields for American football.

Beaver Stadium also has a privileged location because it is not close to an excessive amount of traffic in the surrounding area. In this way, it has Porter Rd and Curtin Rd as the closest roads to the stadium and from where transportation to the same stadium is also available.

The Penn State All-Sports Museum is a state museum diagonally located across from the stadium for easy visiting.

Which Teams Play at Beaver Stadium?

The local team for Beaver Stadium is the NCAA Penn State Nittany Lions and has been playing there since 1960. The Nittany Lions have progressed to championship games upon several occasions and is considered a high caliber football team.

The stadium was designed to be used solely for American football, but this has evolved over time. Football matches have been played within its gates, as well as hockey! Several of the biggest soccer clubs in the world have played friendly matches at Beaver Stadium, such as Manchester United, F.C. Barcelona, or A.C. Milan.

Beaver Stadium Capacity

Holding 107,283 people, Beaver Stadium is respected as one of the most popular stadiums in Pennsylvania and one of the largest stadiums in the United States. Second only to Michigan Stadium in capacity in the country, Beaver Stadium is a premier location for sporting events or even concerts.

At the same time, it has seen great change in its history since 1960. When it opened its doors, it had capacity for 46,2874 people, a figure that little by little began to rise to what we find today.

Beaver Stadium Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Beaver Stadium is very surprising - it ranks third of all stadiums on the planet in terms of overall size! Given the gigantic size of the stadium, it does not have a retractable roof.

The grass at the stadium is natural, like most of the stadiums in the United States. However, its infrastructure has undergone some big changes. For example, in 2010 it completely changed a large part of its façade to have a better view of the city.

It has four large areas in which box seating is available for journalists and VIP’s.

How Do I Get to Beaver Stadium?

The stadium is very easy to access by public transit. Numerous bus routes serve Beaver Stadium - for example, the bus via State College. Another is the bus that goes to the Pennsylvania Sports Museum.

History of Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium officially opened its doors on September 17, 1960 and was designed for American football games. Since the year of its foundation, the games of the Penn State Nittany Lions began to be played there and they have used the stadium to the present day.

Throughout its history, it has been characterized as a playing field with many changes. It has attracted enormous amounts of people for its interior attractions, such as a shopping center and clothing or food stores.

Where Can I Stay Near Beaver Stadium?

The hotels near Beaver Stadium are some of the most reputable in the city and where many fans stay before the games.

These include Hampton Inn State College and Hyatt Place State College, both near Beaver Stadium. Both have excellent service as well as wonderful food.

Where Can I Eat Near Beaver Stadium?

Some of the best places to eat near Beaver Stadium are Lupitas Authentic Mexican Food and Federal Taphouse. Lupitas Authentic Mexican Food specializes in gourmet Mexican food. Federal Taphouse specializes in grilled food for an authentic delight.

This map shows the current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Beaver Stadium.