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Routes Running Nearby to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

  • The I-75 runs north-south directly through Gainsville, FL.

  • The I-95 runs north-south about 45 miles to the east connecting Jacksonville, FL and Miami, FL.

Weather at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium enjoys the tropical climate for which much of Florida is known. Sunny, warm days dominate the forecasts with typically high levels of humidity.

Spectators should expect warm temperatures in the summer, typically hovering in the high 80°sF, and even reaching upwards of 95°F on some days. Winter months usually see temperatures hovering in the mid-to-high 40°sF. The lowest temperature recorded at the stadium was 30°F.

Where is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Located?

The city of Gainsville in Florida is home to one of football’s most notable stadiums. Known for it’s electric atmosphere, Ben Hill Griffen Stadium is located at 157 Gale Lemerand Dr, Gainesville, FL 32611 and its GPS location is 29.649643, -82.348510.

Notable landmarks near Ben Hill Griffen Stadium include the University of Florida College of Engineering, the Florida Gymnasium, and the Gator Boosters.

Which Teams Play at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

Since its opening in 1930, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium has been the home of the well-known University of Florida NCAA team, the Florida Gators. The Florida Gators belong to the Southeastern Conference in the NCAA.

Due to its location in this conference, teams from the states Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and even Texas also host games at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

On some occasions, the Florida Gators will call an alternative venue “home” if Ben Hill Griffin is being occupied by a superseding event.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Capacity

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium has an official capacity of 88,549 spectators, making it the 22nd largest stadium on the planet.

However, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium regularly packs in an excess of 90,000 spectators for Florida Gators games. As such, there are plans to expand its capacity to meet such demand.

Over the course of its history, the stadium’s capacity has evolved from 60,000 to nearly 90,000 after undergoing a series of remodels. Each initiative has been aimed at increasing the stadiums capacity without compromising the structure’s integrity and history.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Infrastructure

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is known as majestic addition to Gainsville’s skyline. While it does not have a retractable roof, Florida’s temperate climate helps nurture its well-kept, natural-grass field - making it a venue at which athletes enjoy playing.

Like any good stadium Ben Hill Griffin has access to amenities such as a VIP area, gym, restaurants and high-resolution screens to watch the games with the best possible quality.

There are plans to further expand Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in the future.

How Do I Get to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

Getting to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is relatively straightforward thanks to the city of Gainsville’s robust transportation network. Public transit options - especially by bus - are numerous, and the stadium is fed by an array of road from all directions for those traveling by car.

The city bus routes 128, 43, 5 and 8 will allow passengers easy access to the stadium in just 30-48 minutes, depending on event-goer’s departure points.

The History of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium opened in 1930, and has been directly linked to the University of Florida’s athletic department since day one.

While Ben Hill Griffin Stadium was originally intended only for university-level events, it quickly secured its position as a viable location to hold city, state, and national-level events as well.

Throughout its existence, it has had several major renovations to not only increase its capacity but also to improve its seats and the entire complex in general terms.

Where Can I Stay Near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

There are plenty of hotels located close to the stadium that provide easy access for spectators.

A couple of notable options are the Holliday Inn Gainesville-University and the Hotel SW Arched RD.

Where Can I Eat Near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

The restaurants close to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium are considered to be some of the best in the city, and are sure to be packed with fans on any game day.

Interestingly, fans feeling peckish during a game are able to order pizza delivery directly to the stadium from both Dominos and Italian Gator Pizza.

This map shows the current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.