Weather Forecast and Radar for Jordan Hare Stadium

Current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Jordan Hare Stadium.
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Temperature Forecast for Jordan Hare Stadium

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Live Weather Camera for Jordan Hare Stadium

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Temperature Forecast for Jordan Hare Stadium

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Live Weather Camera for Jordan Hare Stadium

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Weather Radar for Jordan Hare Stadium

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Routes Running Nearby to Jordan Hare Stadium

  • The I-85 runs east-west is about two miles away from the stadium and connects Montgomery, AL and Atlanta, GA.

  • The I-20 runs east-west about 60 miles away and connects Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA.

Weather at Jordan Hare Stadium

Jordan Hare Stadium will see temperatures ranging from a chilly 37°F in the winter months all the way up to 91°F and above throughout the year.

Summer days at Jordan Hare Stadium are somewhat tempered by afternoon breezes that can help mitigate humidity and cool down athletes and spectators alike.

However, be prepared for some potentially rainy days during the winter!

Where is Jordan Hare Stadium Located?

Jordan Hare Stadium is located at 251 S Donahue Dr, Auburn, AL 36849, and it has a GPS location of 32.601765, -85.489372.

This stadium is located in the center of one of Alabama’s most famous college towns, Auburn. As such, the stadium is nearby many collegiate landmarks, including the Auburn Campus Green, the Stadium Parking Deck, and the Bo Jackson Statue.

The Jordan Hare stadium has easy access to transportation because, it is quite close to Heisman Dr and Dawson Bldg, offering a large number of roads to the field.

Which Teams Play at Jordan Hare Stadium?

Jordan Hare Stadium is home to the well-known Auburn Tigers - one of the most popular teams in the NCAA’s Southeastern Conference.

This team is not only famous in Alabama but is renown as one of the top-tier university football programs in the US. In total, this team has managed to win 12 conference championships, and five national championships - the most recent being in 2010.

The team's mascot is Aubie, a tiger who is known to be seen proudly waving the university’s flag.

Jordan Hare Stadium Capacity

Jordan Hare Stadium has a capacity of 87,451. In spite of not being among the top-five largest collegiate stadiums in the US, it does have a reputation for being rather comfortable.

Since it was founded in 1939, the Jordan Hare Stadium has undergone some important renovations and expansions that have allowed it to double in capacity since it was originally built.

Jordan Hare Stadium Infrastructure

Jordan Hare Stadium is an open-roof (no retractable dome) structure, and is comprised of six separate fan zones - all optimized over the years to increase capacity and seating efficiency.

Jordan Hare Stadium’s field is made of natural grass.

How Do I Get to Jordan Hare Stadium?

There are public and private transportation options to get to Jordan Hare Stadium. If public transit is what you’re after, Auburn’s transport system offers both bus and train.

Bus routes, 160, 181, 578 and 915 will bring fans to the stadium as will the S Line rail by train.

For reference, it takes an average of 72 minutes to arrive at the field when traveling from Boeing or a mere 34 minutes if traveling from Auburn’s Cho Dang Restaurant.

The History of Jordan Hare Stadium

Jordan Hare Stadium is probably the best-known football stadium in Alabama and has garnered national notoriety over the years as well.

It was founded in 1939 as a broad initiative to house university soccer clubs and went on to be the home of the university’s football program.

Jordan Hare Stadium has maintained certain aspects of its original construction and architecture. This commitment to tradition in conjunction with strategic modernization has been part of what’s kept fans coming back for more.

1993 and 2010 were particularly special Jordan Hare Stadium and its home fans since the Auburn Tigers were able to win title games on their home turf.

Where Can I Stay Near Jordan Hare Stadium?

Among the numerous lodging options close by Jordan Hare Stadium are the Clarion Inn & Suites University Center and The Hotel at Auburn University & Dixon Conference. They’re known for their good hospitality and ideal proximity to the stadium.

Where Can I Eat Near Jordan Hare Stadium?

Hamilton's On Magnolia and Insomnia Steak & Grill are a couple of standouts when it comes to fueling up before or after a game. Each specialize in all things on the grill and other American classics.

This map shows the current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Jordan Hare Stadium.