Weather Forecast and Radar for Neyland Stadium

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Temperature Forecast for Neyland Stadium

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Live Weather Camera for Neyland Stadium

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Weather Radar for Neyland Stadium

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Routes Running Nearby to Neyland Stadium

  • The I-40 runs east-west just north of Neyland Stadium.

  • The I-75 runs north-south just east of Neyland Stadium.

Weather at Neyland Stadium

The weather at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, TN, is well-defined by each of the four seasons.

In the months of March, April, May or July, a really hot, oppressive field with latent humidity is to be expected. The temperatures oscillate between 86° and 97°F in these months.

However, things cool off notably during winter months like December, January and even part of February. Neyland Stadium will see the temperature drop to just below 16°F but generally, the average hovers around 32°F.

Where is Neyland Stadium Located?

Neyland Stadium is located at 1300 Phillip Fulmer Way in Knoxville, Tennessee (GPS coordinates: 35.954863, -83.925054), and is one of the largest and most important stadiums in the entire country due to its history and infrastructure.

This stadium is surrounded by notable landmarks including, the Alumni Memorial Building, Fullmer Way, and the Tickle College of Engineering - one of the most popular and important academies in the city for training engineers. As such, plenty of university students frequently attend events at Neyland Stadium.

Which Teams Play at Neyland Stadium?

Neyland Stadium - being one of the most popular stadiums in the entire United States - is also popular with the local team that plays at within its gates, the Tennessee Volunteers. They play in Division 1 of the NCAA.

This team has played in Neyland Stadium since 1921 (despite having been founded in 1881). The Tennessee Volunteers are the 1938, 1950, 1951 and 1998 title holders.

An interesting fact is that Peyton Manning played in this stadium during his time as a university student.

Neyland Stadium capacity

The Neyland Stadium boasts the third highest capacity in the entire country (in terms of American football). It has a capacity of 102,455 people - all of them sitting in seats.

However, some events throughout the course of the stadium’s history have challenged the official capacity. For example, 107,000 people attended a game in 2000, well surpassing the stadium’s official capacity.

Furthermore, Neyland Stadium's own record was broken yet again in 2004 when as many as 109,061 people poured into the venue for a Sept. 18 game between the Volunteers and Florida Gators.

Neyland Stadium infrastructure

In spite of being first established in 1921, Neyland Stadium has maintained a significant amount of original infrastructure. However, tradition has not prevented it from modernizing. It is an open-field stadium, meaning it does not have a retractable roof.

For some time, thanks to its quality condition as well as its capacity, the stadium was commonly known as the “best college stadium in the country”. It has a natural grass field that gives it a much more colorful touch than other types of grass in university stadiums in the country.

During its first 79 years, the Neyland Stadium always kept its infrastructure intact and its original capacity until 2000. That year the decision to expand, revamp, and rearrange some areas increased capacity and improved areas such as the VIP areas providing better access.

How Do I Get to Neyland Stadium?

Neyland Stadium is most accessible by bus. The bus routes are 11, 17 and 44.

While bus lines are efficient and environmentally friendly, Neyland Stadium is known for having easy access by car as well. Most travelers can reach the stadium within 30 minutes if they’re traveling from within Knoxville.

The History of Neyland Stadium

The stadium’s history goes back to its opening in the year 1921. It took a number of years for the stadium’s opening to be granted approval. This construction of the Neyland Stadium was carried out from 1919 and the work was completely completed in only two years.

Knoxville’s City Bank provided the significant capital necessary to carry out the architectural work for the stadium’s construction. At first, the stadium was called Shield's Watkins Stadium, to pay tribute to the wife of the donor of the money for its construction.

From 1926, it was used as a practice stadium for American Football, and soon thereafter gained even more notoriety.

In its history, it has obtained some national attendance records such as in 2000 and 2004, reaching more than 107,000 people both annually in each game and in a single game.

Where Can I Stay Near Neyland Stadium?

The Cumberland House Knoxville and the Graduate Knoxville are two of the most popular and important hotels not only near Neyland Stadium, but in the city of Knoxville itself.

The Cumberland House Knoxville has an unbeatable façade, service and location, while Graduate Knoxville has perfect privacy and extremely comfortable services.

Where Can I Eat Near Neyland Stadium?

The nearby and most famous restaurants near Neyland Stadium are Fuego and Myrtle's Chicken and Beer. Both are casual and high-end fast food, and they offer a lot of quality when it comes to chicken, hot dogs and burgers. Each are less than 0.5 miles from Neyland Stadium to satisfy the culinary needs of fans.

This map shows the current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Neyland Stadium.