Weather Forecast and Radar for Rose Bowl Stadium

Current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Rose Bowl Stadium.
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Temperature Forecast for Rose Bowl Stadium

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Temperature Forecast for Rose Bowl Stadium

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Live Weather Camera for Rose Bowl Stadium

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Weather Radar for Rose Bowl Stadium

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Routes Running Nearby to Rose Bowl Stadium

  • The I-5 runs north-south about six miles to the west, connecting Santa Clarita, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and San Diego, CA.

  • The I-10 runs east-west about five miles south of the stadium, running directly through Los Angeles, CA.

Weather at Rose Bowl Stadium

The Rose Bowl typically enjoys the warm, dry weather typical to southern California. In the summer months, the Rose Bowl has average temperatures ranging in the mid-to-high 80°F. Winter months see average temperatures around 45°F.

Where is The Rose Bowl Located?

The Rose Bowl is located at 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA 91103 and has a GPS coordinates of 34.161142, -118.167646.

The stadium resides in what’s considered to be a “privileged location” nestled within Pasadena.

Notable landmarks close to the Rose Bowl include the Rose Bowl Flea Market, Stadium Fitness, and Wolfgang Puck Catering.

Which Teams Play at the Rose Bowl?

The Rose Bowl is the official home of the UCLA Bruins - a Division I team in the NCAA, playing in the Pacific-12 (“PAC 12”) Conference.

Additionally, the Rose Bowl has seen its fair share of professional American football games as well. It has played host to a number of historic Super Bowl games including Super Bowls XI, XIV, XVII, XXI and XXVII.

The Rose Bowl has also been used for the 1994 World Cup final between Brazil and Italy as well as other 1994 World Cup matches.

Other notable soccer events played at the Rose Bowl include the 2016 Copa América Centenario.

Rose Bowl Capacity

Currently, the Rose Bowl’s capacity is 92,542 people. This ranks it among the largest stadiums in the United States and around the world.

Since its opening in 1922, the Rose Bowl has steadily expanded its capacity and made updates to the stadium.

Rose Bowl Infrastructure

The Rose Bowl does not have a retractable roof, however, this allows the natural grass field to absorb plenty of Southern California sunlight.

The stadium’s design was conceived by architect, Myron Hunt, and was built for an original cost of $272,198 - a considerably steep price for 1922.

The stadium’s layout essentially consists of four large boxes that border the entire pitch, which is considered to be a “classic” stadium design.

In spite of its classic design, the Rose Bowl has maintained modernity through renovations such as capacity increases, improving its VIP areas, and modernizing bathrooms and press rooms.

How Do I Get to the Rose Bowl?

Fans heading to the Rose Bowl via public transit will most commonly use the bus routes. There are a total of two routes that go to the stadium and they are lines 256 and 51.

Taking the bus from the notable Golden Road Brewing will take about 57 minutes, and taking it from Far Bar will take about 89 minutes.

Those driving to the stadium should be prepared for significant city traffic.

No matter the method of transport spectators opt for, they should plan ahead for a reasonably long journey.

The History of the Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl opened its doors in 1922, and has since been renown as one of the US’s most iconic stadiums. Since its founding, it has been host to worldwide sports events such as the 1932 Olympics, where it was used as a cycling track in this sport.

It was then used as the official soccer stadium in the 1984 Olympic Games in the city of Los Angeles. Thereafter, it hosted the 1994 Soccer World Cup, where Brazil won the world title.

The Rose Bowl is currently the only stadium in the world to host the final of a soccer World Cup in both the men's and women's categories.

Where Can I Stay Near the Rose Bowl?

Two of the best hotels near the Rose Bowl stadium are the Hilton Pasadena and The Westin Pasadena. Both are well within walking distance of the stadium and boast top-end hospitality and amenities like WiFi, swimming pools, and restaurant options.

Where Can I Eat Near the Rose Bowl?

The Brookside Restaurant and Mi Casa Comida Mexicana are among the many excellent dining options near the Rose Bowl. The Brookside Restaurant offers an array of American food and Mi Casa Comida Mexicana, as the name would imply, specializes in Mexican gastronomy.

This map shows the current & 7-day weather forecast, weather alerts, and weather radar for Rose Bowl Stadium.