Weather Forecasts, Road Conditions, and Weather Radar for I-70

Current & 7-day weather forecast, road conditions, and weather radar for all of US interstate I-70.
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Road Trip and Weather Conditions for Interstate I-70

I-70 is a major highway that starts in Baltimore, Maryland and heads west through Washington D.C., crossing into Virginia. The highway continues through the Shenandoah Valley before reaching West Virginia. I-70 then crosses through the Appalachian Mountains, entering into Ohio. The highway passes Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati before reaching Indiana. I-70 then enters Illinois, passing through Indianapolis before reaching St. Louis, Missouri. The highway then continues through Kansas before reaching Colorado. I-70 then crosses the Rocky Mountains before entering into Utah. Once in Utah, I-70 continues until its terminus in Cove Fort, UT.

I-70 is 2,151 miles long and traverses 10 states. The highway has a maximum speed limit of 75 mph in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

I-70 is a major east-west highway that connects many cities and states across the United States. The highway sees a mix of different types of traffic, including local traffic, long distance travelers, and commercial trucking traffic, as I-70 is a critical route for cross-country travel.

I-70 Road Conditions I-70 is subject to a variety of different weather conditions depending on the time of year and location. In the eastern part of the country, I-70 may be affected by snow and ice in the winter months. In the western part of the country, I-70 may be affected by wildfires and smoke in the summer months. Travelers should always check the road conditions before embarking on a trip on I-70.

I-70 is generally a well-maintained highway, but there are always potential hazards to be aware of when driving. Poor weather conditions can create hazardous driving conditions, so it is important to be aware of the forecast and plan accordingly. Also, construction and maintenance can sometimes cause lane closures or delays, so it is important to check for potential delays before starting a trip.

If you are planning a trip on I-70, be sure to check the road conditions and plan ahead to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Whether you're looking to determine road conditions on I-70 in Kansas, Utah, Indiana, or any of the other seven states the route traverses, our interactive map above, as well as our Highway Weather app, are great resources to prepare for any trip that takes you along Interstate 70!

This map shows the current & 7-day weather forecast, road conditions, and weather radar for all of US interstate I-70.