Weather Forecasts, Road Conditions, and Weather Radar for I-30

Current & 7-day weather forecast, road conditions, and weather radar for all of US interstate I-30.
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Road Trip and Weather Conditions for Interstate I-30

Texas and Arkansas are home to Interstate 30. Directions to I 30 east begin in Fort Worth, Texas and directions to I 30 west begin in Little Rock, Arkansas. I 30 is nearly 367 miles long.

Interstate 30 Weather

Travelers along I-30 may encounter various weather conditions, depending on the time of year and the location. In general, the climate in Arkansas and Texas is mild, but there can be extreme conditions at any time.

In the spring, severe thunderstorms are possible throughout the region. These storms can produce high winds, large hail, and tornadoes. Flash flooding is also a concern, especially in low-lying areas.

Summertime weather is generally hot and humid. Temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is a risk for heat-related illnesses. afternoon thunderstorms are common, and these can produce heavy rains, strong winds, and hail.

Fall weather in Arkansas and Texas is usually mild, but occasional cold snaps are possible. This is also the time of year when hurricanes sometimes affect the area.

Winter weather can range from mild to severe. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are all possible. Travelers should be prepared for winter driving conditions and take extra caution when on the roads.

Check out the Interstate 30 map, along with I-30 7-day weather conditions to make sure you're prepared for your journey along this route.

This map shows the current & 7-day weather forecast, road conditions, and weather radar for all of US interstate I-30.